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After Aubrey Jenson is wrongly dismissed from her job at Center

Stage Marketing, she seeks legal advice from her father, The Judge, to see what grounds she has to get her position reinstated. Her surprise visit to her family doesn’t go as smoothly as she hopes when she brings home her new boyfriend, Zach, Black Falcon’s lead guitarist. She soon discovers that father doesn’t always know best when it comes to matters of the heart.

When Zach meets Aubrey’s family, he’s immediately faced with his deepest fear: The love he so desperately wants, he doesn’t deserve. The Judge makes no attempt to hide his disdain for Zach, and will stop at nothing to keep him away from his daughter. But an unexpected twist turns everyone’s plans upside down and no one’s world will ever be the same.

Outside forces attempting to pull them apart are strong and it’s going to take every bit of Zach and

Aubrey’s love for one another to withstand the fall-out. Soon, they discover making love last is harder than finding it to begin with and sometimes you pay the ultimate price for true love.

***Note from author: This 28,000 word novella follows Riff and Aubrey's story from ROCK MY BED.***

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5 Star ReviewAnother winner!

June 28, 2013 | By MJlovestoread

This novella is the latest in the Black Falcon series and omg, did Michelle Valentine knock this one out of the park!!

She gives us another look at Aubrey and Zach (Riff) and shows us once again how wonderful this couple is together.

We get to see their fierce love and loyalty for each other and Riff just melts your heart even more than before!!!

I can't recommend this series enough. It has bad boy rockers with piercings and tattoos, and most importantly hearts of gold. And then there are the tough, fiesty women like Lane and Aubrey who make you want to hang out with them because they are just so cool.

Read Rock My World and get a taste of the Black Falcon won't ever look back ;)

5 Star ReviewLove Riff!!!

August 31, 2013 | By Kara Hensley (Iowa, USA)

This novella had me steaming like an old school freight train that had no ability to stop!! Zach (Riff) and Aubrey are my all-time favorite couple. Something about Zach feeling and being so broken inside regarding "family" and all the pain that brings him has me wanting to hold and comfort him--hell, who wouldn't??!! Aubrey is freakishly strong and powers her way through hell to prove herself to her family that she knows what's best for her. This may be just a "novella", but it has all the angst and intensity that all of Michelle Valentine's full-length Black Falcon novels entail. So in my mind, it's not just a "novella" it's a GD full-force Valentine-masterpiece and I wanna give it more than 5 stars!! There was anger, heartache, sorrow, passion, joy, need ("I need you." "I need to be inside you. I need to feel you."), and purity ("That's right. You have a thing for bad boys." "Only bad boys with hearts made of gold."). Oh and have I mentioned the steam? "I'll buy you fifty f*&%#@^ new ones. They were in my way and had to go." Ok, just checking. So in a nut shell, don't pass up Rock my World thinking "oh it's just a novella" or thinking "not much will happen, I'll just wait till Rock the Beat releases" because I'm here to tell you that you'll be missing out, on A TON!!! As I said earlier, in length it may be a novella but girth, oh shit sorry, I mean heart and soul it's the ENTIRE PACKAGE from beginning to end. Gaaaah and how it ends is just perfect because you know it's not "really the end" and gets you all excited for Rock the Beat to continue in Black Falcon's journey. Michelle, I love your face and you Rocked. My. World (well so did Zach & Aubrey)! Ladies, Give it a try!!


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Rating: 5 stars

5 Star ReviewThe Autumn Review for Rock My World

August 23, 2013 | By The Autumn Review (FL, US)

If you are a fan of Riff and Audrey's, you must read this book. Heck, if you're a fan of this series, you need to read this! In ROCK MY WORLD, we get to see Riff (aka Zach) and Audrey madly in love, but we also see their relationship get tested. Can they withstand the pressures?

Audrey and Riff head out to visit her parents. She needs help from her dad regarding a legal matter about her old job. But, she also wants to introduce them to Riff. She needs them to understand what he means to her. Now, I love Audrey and I'll admit I got worried a few times, but she stood by her man and I was proud of her. She's a tough chick. She didn't let her parents intimidate her. The thing about Audrey is that she sees Riff for who he really is. She sees the guy who craves love and deserves to be loved. She gives him that and I love her even more for it.

Riff has had a tough life. He looks tough and acts tough. He's not exactly the kind of guy Audrey's parents had in mind for her. Regardless, Riff wasn't about to be intimidated by them either. He feels confident in the love he and Audrey have. There were some pretty big moments for Riff in this novella. He's forced to face his past and I felt like he was finally able to heal. Then, he and Audrey go through some pretty life altering events. But, they made it through together.

Now, if you read Rock My Bed, you know what Riff and Audrey's sexual chemistry is like. If you haven't met them as a couple yet, let me just tell you...Riff if the kind of kinky I'd like to have in my bed! He's got a dirty mouth, but he also really worships Audrey. They are really, really hot together!

Overall, I really liked this novella. Like Lane and Noel's novella, I feel like it's necessary to read in order to continue on with the series. Could you go without it? Yes, but why would you want to? It tells a lot about them as a couple and where their future is headed. Not to mention the heart stopping moments. Eep! Plus, we get a status update on Lane and Noel. It made my heart happy. The Black Falcon Series has been such a fun ride and I can't wait to get my hands on Rock the Beat, which is Trip's book! If you like books about sexy rockers, this is a must read series!

Side note: I loved Audrey's brother, Gabe! He cracked me up.

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