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Release Date: November 10, 2014

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Tyke Douglas is tired of being the glue that holds the hottest band in the world together. If the rest of the guys are out doing their own thing, then why shouldn’t he? He’s about to turn things up a notch and bring a whole new level of crazy into Black Falcon’s world.

Francine Mead is putting her sordid past behind her and is determined to help others overcome their demons alongside her. The first step in her new life is taking a job as an addiction counselor, where she can mentor others through their struggles. Francine never expected to be lured back into temptation when her first sexy celebrity client, Tyke Douglas walks through her door. The moment she lays eyes on him, she’s in trouble.

Both Tyke and Francine know a relationship between them would be a disaster, but with each session, things continue to heat up, making it impossible to deny the connection they share. Boundaries cross, attractions heighten and both of their willpower’s will be tested to the very limit.

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5 Star ReviewGreat conclusion to the series

November 11, 2014 By Misha via

Review originally posted at The Book Enthusiast:

Rock My Body is the fourth and final book in the Black Falcon series by Michelle A. Valentine. It was a bittersweet feeling opening this book and knowing that it would be my last time with these characters. Of all the boys in the band I felt like Tyke was the most mysterious, so naturally I was looking forward to diving into Rock My Body. Once I started reading Tyke immediately stole my heart and never let go. His story was a bit different than I might have expected, but I thought it was a great conclusion to a series that I have thoroughly enjoyed.

At the start of the story Tyke is anger and bitter over what he perceives to be his bandmates' lack of commitment to Black Falcon. Now that they are all in relationships and have families, he no longer feels a connection with them. Tyke is over being the only one working hard for the good of the band. After struggling with a substance abuse problem, he is finally faced with an ultimatum from his bandmates: get help for his addiction or he is out of the band. For Tyke it is not even a question, and he checks into a treatment facility.

Francine is no stranger to pain and addiction, having struggled with personal demons following a family tragedy. After overcoming her own addiction, she is committed to helping others as an addiction counselor. Prepared to do some real good, she is knocked for a loop when Tyke walks through the door as one of her new clients. This tattoo bad boy is just the type of man she used to gravitate toward in her old life. The immediate connection between the pair is undeniable, but a relationship would be impossible. Can they fight their feelings for one another or will they give into temptation?

I thought the counselor and client storyline in Rock My Body was unique and exciting. The forbidden aspect definitely added to my enjoyment of the story, especially considering how smoking hot the chemistry was between Tyke and Frannie. We saw a softer side of Tyke in this book and I really loved it. His feelings for Frannie were so endearing, and I liked how he was willing to go all in when it came to her. I certainly felt for Frannie and the difficulty of the situation. Both her career and heart were on the line. After experiencing such a profound loss, she was understandably very hesitant to open herself up to Tyke.

As much as I adored Tyke and Frannie as a couple, my favorite part of the book was actually watching the understanding that developed between Tyke and his bandmates. It went both ways, and it really made me happy to see how they bonded. Since it is obviously an important part of the series, the incorporation of music into this story was perfect. I enjoyed listening to each chapter's songs as I was reading. The epilogue was simply the icing on the cake. This series has taken me on wonderfully fun-filled and sexy ride, and Valentine definitely ended it on high note with Rock My Body.

*An advance copy of this book was received in exchange for an honest review.*

5 Star Reviewhot and very worth of the swoon!

January 14, 2015 By Cris Soriaga via

Reading this book had me feeling a strong rush of nostalgia. Remembering the emotional and swoon worthy journey I took with the Black Falcon guys, I can say that it is indeed one of the best series I’ve read since I started blogging. I nearly cried just reading the summary as I know it’s going to be the last book in the series. Last, but certainly not the least!

I have always been a Riff girl, but Tyke surprised me in ways I never thought possible. His story is deep, raw and just plain beautiful. It steamrolls through your heart and then you realize, by the last page, that Michelle Valentine has been so subtly rebuilding those pieces of your heart ensuring that it’s still intact.

Rock My Body is not just your usual romance novel. It’s a story that speaks about friendship, brotherhood, how one person deals with his frustrations and vices and how true love becomes the master key that opens his gates of genuine happiness.

Tyke has been the glue that has held Black Falcon together. While the other members of the band have found their greatest love and decided to step back in the limelight to focus on family life, Tyke has been left doing everything for the team. Music is his soul. Black Falcon is his life. But the pressure of keeping them in tact take its toll on him. He is drawn deeper and deeper into the shadow world of drug abuse. The guys are too worried about him especially his twin brother Trip, so he is forced to leave the band for a while until he gets cleaned. Rehab is the only way they know how.

Music is the one thing I can completely lose myself in. When I’m in the moment, feeling the beat, I’m untouchable; nothing else matters… It’s what I was born to do.

Frannie Mead (Oh I Love her!) has her own share of vices and dark past. Trying to move forward, she is now the counselor at the same rehab center that Tyke is in and maybe, just maybe, the ONLY PERSON that could help cure Tyke’s addiction. But when her mind is filled with dos and don’ts, how can Frannie let love in?

“How am I ever supposed to concentrate on helping this man when he’s my own personal brand of tattooed man-flavored candy?”

I really enjoyed the romance aspect of this story. It felt like it fell into place just perfectly and was so romantic, hot and very worth of the swoon. I loved how it developed and the complications that went along with it.

As much as I wish we could have a fairy tale romance, I know this is reality and happily ever afters don’t happen to broken people like us.

I thought Frannie was easy to relate to and I thought she was incredibly realistic. I love that she’s tough and exactly knows what she wanted and fought for it. She deals with a lot things in this book and I think, though there are ups and downs, she handles it gracefully. Tyke on the other hand, wasn’t a perfect character, you wanted to smack him upside the head sometimes but ultimately you could feel for him.

“You , Frannie- you make me feel needed, and that’s why I’m fighting for you.”

Overall, I thought Rock My Body was a really great read that had a little bit of everything in it. I loved that it wasn’t just a romance but a story about friendship, too. It’s filled with romantic tension as Frannie tries to fight her feelings towards Tyke. But when love comes so strong, there is no right or wrong.

“All this time I never understood that in order to find love again, all I had to do was open up my heart to the possibility of it.”

Truly, I can’t really think of anything that bothered me or that I didn’t like about it. Plus I love seeing the old crew with their partners and learning where they are right now. The songs at the beginning of each chapter added an interesting touch and the epilogue, well let’s just say I got a bit teary eyed there. So do yourself a favor, read it. Enjoy it! I would 100% recommend it!

5 Star ReviewA great conclusion to the Black Falcon boys!

November 20, 2014 By Wendy Racine via

This was a satisfying conclusion to the Black Falcon series! I love these boys and I’m going to miss them but at least I can re-read it over and over again.

We finally get Tyke’s story and boy was I surprised with it. From reading the previous books in the series, to me Tyke was the quiet one who was the mastermind behind Black Falcon. Never expected for him to have major issues. There is more to Tyke than what we got in the other books. His issues stemmed from what is going on presently with the band. I don’t want to give too much away. But we know that Tyke goes into rehab to fix himself. There he meets Francine, who he is very attracted to but come to found out she is his counselor. So of course, a relationship between the two is off-limits but Tyke has other ideas. It is a lot of back-and-forth between the two. Tyke wants it, Francine doesn’t then she does and Tyke never changes with his goal. The story deals with them coming to terms about their feelings for each other as well as the personal struggles for Tyke. We also find out about Francine and her struggles. It seems like they understand each other when it comes to that and that is why they fit well together. I loved getting in depth with Tyke and finding out more about him. The story was good and it flowed nicely. The only thing that I would have liked would have been more-especially at the end (before the epilogue). I just felt like there was more that could have been there. I still enjoyed it and I think if you love this series then you will like this book as well. I loved getting the epilogue about Noel, Riff, Trip, and Tyke. It was so bittersweet! It all came full circle and I loved that.

If you enjoy rockers and a good story then check out the Black Falcon series and fall in love with the band!

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