Rock The Heart Cover

Expected publication: 2014

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No names.

No faces.

No identities.

That’s the rules at Elite.

Just as nineteen-year-old Carly Hutchinson’s life falls on hard times, she’s offered a job at

Elite, a secret organization that provides beautiful women to wealthy men with no strings attached. With an ill mother, and a special needs little sister to look after, she’ll do whatever it takes to keep them from losing their home and keep their heads above water, even if that means auctioning off her most prized commodity—her virginity.

Doctor Gabriel Jenson is a hungry medical school student ready to play ball in the big leagues.

Power, money and success drive him to accomplish things that most men would never dare go after. When

Gabriel receives an invitation to join the city’s most exclusive gentleman’s club, he can’t pass up the opportunity to prove he belongs.

When Gabriel wins Carly’s virginity as the highest bidder, he can’t help to be taken with the young woman and finds himself at a crossroads. Even though both of their identities remain hidden, he can’t close the deal and take his prize. He needs her to submit for more reasons than just money. Sex alone with this woman isn’t going to be enough and he’s willing to break all the rules to claim her.

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